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    All emergency after hour items should be reported immediately to Midland Rental Properties at (989) 374-9123.

    If you think you have a natural gas emergency, go to a safe location, and then call Consumers Energy toll-free at 1-800-477-5050. It is important that you call — DO NOT E-MAIL — and report the emergency.


    Many repairs can be avoided with knowledge of the do and don’ts for these items.  Any items of repair that are due to tenant negligence, as reported by the repair contractor, will be the responsibility of the tenant.  Tenant will be notified via postal mail that they are being charged for the repair that was completed.  Tenant will be furnished with a copy for their records.

    The only thing you should ever flush down a toilet is human waste (urine and feces) and toilet paper.  While not an exhaustive list, here are some things that should not be flushed down the toilet:

    • Disposable diapers
    • Feminine Hygiene Products such as Tampons , Mini or Maxi Pads
    • Cotton balls and swabs
    • Unused medications
    • Condoms
    • Cleaning wipes of any kind
    • Bandages and bandage wrappings
    • Fats, Oils and Grease

    Grease in sewer pipes causes sewer maintenance problems for property owners and the city.  Never pour grease into your toilets, drains or garbage disposal.
    Garbage Disposals
    Keep anything too hard out of the disposal.  The shredder will dull and become less efficient.  Small hard objects can get stuck and jam the rotating parts.  Always run cold water for 30-60 seconds with every use

    While not an exhaustive list here are some Items that should never be put through the garbage disposal:

    • Hard shells from shrimp, crabs and other shellfish
    • Un-popped popcorn kernels
    • Bones
    • Banana peels, celery, potato peelings, corn husk/cobs, artichokes, eggshells, coffee grounds/filters, fruit pits/hard seeds, onion skins
    • Twist ties or Rubber Bands
    • Pull Tabs or Bottle Caps
    • Utensils, Glass, Screws or Nails
    • Cigarette Butts, Paper, Plastic, String, Fabric, Rags, Sponges, Trash, Plant or Flower clippings or Hair

    If you find yourself with lots of larger pieces to cut up, it would be best to place in your trash instead of the garbage disposal.

    Dryer Vents
    It is the tenant’s responsibility to empty dryer lint traps after each use.  Clogging of dryer vents with lint and debris is a fire hazard.  It is the tenant’s responsibility to check the exterior dryer vent monthly to make sure that the vent is not plugged and is allowing the dryer to vent properly.  If you suspect the dryer vent is clogged and are unable to clean it out please call management.

    Smoke Detectors
    Smoke detectors are required in all rental units.  We make every attempt to make sure that the battery in the detectors is working, however if your detector should start beeping, indicating that the battery is low, it is the tenant’s responsibility to purchase and replace the battery.  Battery covers must be re-installed after battery replacement.

    Pipe Freeze Prevention
    If Tenant plans to be away from the premises for any length of time, the heat must be left on during the cold season and the windows closed to avoid broken pipes and water damage.

    Snow Removal
    If included in your lease, snow removal is done as quickly as possible but there is no guarantee of the exact time of day that your driveway and walk ways will be cleared.  Snow fall of 2” or less is the tenant’s responsibility.
    De-Icing/Salting of Sidewalks and Driveways (when outdoor temperatures cause water to freeze) are the responsibility of the Tenant.

    • Purchase of a good snow shovel and a bag of driveway salt are recommended.

    We do not provide extermination services.  Effective insecticides and repellants can be found at most any hardware store or supercenter.  Always use caution and read the manufacturer’s warning labels and directions for use.

    All of our rental units are certified by the City of Midland and every two years routine inspections are required.  These inspections include but are not limited to furnace, hot water heaters, breaker panels, smoke detectors, etc.  It is the tenant’s responsibility to keep these areas free of any obstructions.  You may not block the breaker panel or put anything within 3 feet of the furnace and water heater.  A clear walkway is required throughout the entire rental unit.


    Management will maintain and keep in repair:

    • the exterior structure of the leased premises
    • plumbing, (except unplugging drains and toilets, which are the tenant’s responsibility)
    • electrical (except light bulbs which are the tenant’s responsibility)
    • sewer
    • heating systems (except for replacement of the furnace filters, which are the tenant’s responsibility)
    • central air conditioning system
    • roof and windows
    • smoke detectors (except for monthly testing and battery replacement, which are the tenant’s responsibility)
    • appliances – stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave (except for washer and dryers and ice makers which are in “as is condition” and will not be replaced by management)
    • sump pump
    • garage door openers (except for remote door openers – battery replacement is tenant’s responsibility – $50.00 will be charged for each remote door opener lost or damaged)


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